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I've been in the real estate business for over 30 years now. Your Borroware software is the easiest loan application I have ever completed. You have a winner here!
—Robert B..
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Brokers Protect Borrowers

A Bank or a Mortgage Broker?

Which one protects the borrower's best interests?

It is important to understand that a Bank agent's first responsibility is to the bank, not to the borrowers.
Why? Simple, he/she is an employee of the bank, they must do what the bank dictates.

A bank’s primary goal is to make money; one way they do it is by
pushing the most profitable loans to their borrowers. (NOT the most beneficial)

We are independent mortgage loan professionals, who consequently must act as fiduciaries; which simply means we must put your best interests ahead of their own.

True licensed mortgage professionals, like Carmel Mortgage, maintain their majority market share by providing borrowers with the best loans and the best pricing available – loans that meet our borrower’s needs and goals – unlike the banks!

Carmel Mortgage obtainss loans at a discount - from hundreds of lenders.
We can then pass those savings on to you, our clients.


Carmel Mortgage is now in its 28th year of meeting the financing needs and goals of home owners on the central coast. We are equity managers, our goal is to help you save and make money by properly managing your equity.


Working with Carmel Mortgage means that you save money, we find the best loan for YOU and YOUR home financing needs and goals!!

Contact us today, or meet our team!

Carmel Mortgage, everything you want your lender to be™.

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