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I've been in the real estate business for over 30 years now. Your Borroware software is the easiest loan application I have ever completed. You have a winner here!
—Robert B..
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April 2009

Carmel Mortgage has two loan modification specialists, Chuck Schipper, VP and Sr. Loan Officer and Cheryl Whitworth-McVicar, Pres and Sr. Loan Officer.

Loan Modifications are a great way to reduce your payment by a few different ways if you're having trouble paying your mortgage, and you do not qualify to refinance.

Lenders do want you to stay in your home, have someone who knows how to talk to them and what to ask for on your side. Loan Modification for Monterey, Carmel, Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach, Seaside, Marina, Big Sur, Salinas, etc. Click Here to learn more about modifying your loan.

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March 2009

Rates are hovering around 4.625 for a 30 year fixed mortgage in California. Monterey County residents can benefit from this rate if they get their application for a home purchase or refinance today. Rates change multiple times daily, bank's rules are practically changing daily as well.

Because of this ever changing industry, you now more than ever need a professional who dedicates themself to serving you best. Who keeps informed and on top of the industry changes and is motivated to find YOU the best loan program at the best rate for your home financing needs and goals.  APR 4.78

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December 2008

What's a short sale? 

A sale where the existing lender agrees to accept less than the mortgage balance when a seller wants to sell their property... Click here for more info

First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit

The credit is an exciting new provision of the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008. The credit is designed to encourage first-time homebuyers to purchase their first homes. Home prices are at historical lows making it an ideal time for many first-time homebuyers to purchase homes... Click here for more info

Fannie Mae Changes:

Positive News for Mortgages: You probably heard news stories about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac but now you want to know how it'll affect mortgages. Here you go:

1. Fannie Mae, the guaranteers of notes is now under control of the government. The government felt Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac could no longer fulfill their mission statement to provide liquidity, stability and affordability in the housing markets...  Click here for more info

September 9, 2008

Positive News for Mortgages Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac saved by Govt. :

You probably heard news stories about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac but now you want to know
how it'll affect mortgages. Here you go:

1. Fannie Mae, the guaranteers of notes is now under control of the government.
2. This move created more confidence in investors, foreign and U.S. Now that there's once again more investors.
3. Investors pouring money back into Mortgage Bonds and Treasury Securities has brought
interest rates down.
We saw 5.5% today!

Carmel Mortgage keeps aprised of our industry's news and how it affects you.
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Happy New Year
Keep your house safe during our storms

Jan. 3, 2008 

Happy New Year Monterey County, tomorrow is the first day of our monstrous winter storm, much needed, but very inconvenient!

Here are some tips for your home:

Walk around the perimiter of your home, checking that your storm drains are clear.
Make sure your gutters are working properly and are not clogged.
Move any pots, outdoor furniture, etc. inside or to a place where they will not blow over or blow away.
Is your gate getting loose? Fix it or replace it before a storm like this, ir you could come home to a broken gate and your dog missing! (Hopefully your animals are safe and dry inside)

The Carmel Mortgage Team 

Thank-you for all your support
Dec. 28, 2007

It has been a tough December with Richard Whitworth's passing, thank-you for all your letters and flowers from the family and the office. We are happy that Rich got to see Carmel Mortgage at its largest ever, 20 loan officers. This is thanks to Cheryl Whitworth-McVicar his daughter, and Chuck Schipper, VP of Carmel Mortgage. Monterey County, we wanted to say thank-you and let you know that we're here to stay. Any question big or small, we're here for you.

Beginning of a major rally?
Dec. 06, 2007

Mad Money's Jim Cramer appeared on the Today Show this morning, he's excited about the Fed meeting Dec. 11 and thinks they will cut rates by .5% - his prediction is that the Real Estate market is turning around to be great. When things are bad, that's when they get better. He's excited that the President, Congress, & the Fed are all in agreement about how to steer this ship in the right direction. To quote him, he feels good about this economy.

A quick note, a Fed rate cut does not equal lower mortgage rates, mortgage rates instead follow the bond market. The interest rate on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage tracks the yield on the 10-year Treasury note. Lenders typically set their base mortgage rate around two percentage points higher than the 10-year bond yield. Call Carmel Mortgage to find out today's rates and how we can help you. 831-625-3939 we serve all of Monterey County and California homes.

Press Release submitted
Oct. 24, 2007

The Home Financing Crisis & What You Need to Know - Carmel Mortgage

Carmel Mortgage announces that even during the home financing crisis, Carmel Mortgage has grown its family of loan officers and still offers 100% financing. Many local branches and mortgage companies have been injured as business has slowed, and some even had to buy back loans that should not have been funded in the first place. Carmel Mortgage prides itself on only doing legitimate loans that are can be clearly afforded by the buyer.

Anyone following the financial news over the last couple of months or so has seen a lot of angst and fear over the state of the mortgage industry. It appears that the major damage is subsiding.

Many local branches and mortgage companies have been injured as business has slowed, and some even had to buy back loans that should not have been funded in the first place. Carmel Mortgage prides itself on only doing legitimate loans that are can be clearly afforded by the buyer.

Cheryl Whitworth-McVicar, President and CEO, states that "Carmel Mortgage remains a credible, stable, local mortgage company, now in its 27th year of business and we have not been negatively affected by the downfall of major lenders and defaulting loans".

"The present situation will settle out over this coming year as these things always do. Remaining national lenders are beginning to reintroduce some loan products that had been pulled away, and the rates on products that have significantly increased are trending back down".

Whitworth goes on to say "Carmel Mortgage has just hired 4 new loan officers. Also, the current market in Monterey County is actually excellent for conforming loans (currently loans at or below $417,000), and the rates are back near historical lows. We want to assure buyers and those wishing to refinance, that despite what is being said on the news and in the papers, there are premium quality loans available for all qualified borrowers, 100% financing still exists with Carmel Mortgage.

About: Carmel Mortgage specializes in Monterey County and is licensed to do loans in all of California. They offer two office locations, Carmel Mortgage in Carmel and Carmel Mortgage in Salinas. You can visit their website to learn more, meet their loan officers, see today's rates, and apply online here: or call them directly at 831-625-3939.


WARNING: Avoid Foreclosure Scams -

Were you placed in a loan that's coming fully amortized (your payment has increased)? Many people have been placed in these loan programs by less reputable mortgage companies. Call Carmel Mortgage before you get in any mortgage trouble - We will do all humanly possible to get you into a more stable loan with more manageable payments.

Shown on the Today Show this morning:
"There are companies that call themselves “rescue companies.” They get a list of homeowners who are about to lose their homes and send what seem to be personal letters making promises they cannot and do not intend to keep.

The Better Business Bureau says these companies are popping up across the country. Some have been shut down by local attorneys general and have re-opened in states that are not as stringent.

So here are some tips to make sure you don’t become a victim of these slick marketers who prey on those who can least afford to lose money.

  • Don’t be fooled by companies who promise to intervene with your lender and save your house.
  • Don’t sign away your rights to speak to your own lender. Try to make a deal with your bank to make some kind of reduced payment.
  • Never make a mortgage payment to anyone but your lender.
  • Don’t be pressured to sign a contract. Have a lawyer check it out first.
  • Don’t trust unsolicited mail or flyers.
  • Check out the company with the Better Business Bureau."

Call Carmel Mortgage if you are late or are threatened with foreclosure.
We can ALWAYS try to keep you in your home. 831-625-3939
Meet all of our mortgage consultants here: Carmel Mortgage Loan Officers

Lenders going under - what Carmel Mortgage can do for you:

If your lender went out of business and you need to refinance out of your adjustable or interest only loan, there is still hope. We still work with many lenders who can help, don't wait until it's too late!

You can refinance through us with another lender who has the best rate and the best loan program for your financing needs and goals. It's our job to find that lender for you!

Call now with your Monterey County or California home loan question, 831-625-3939 no question is too small.

Today's Home Loan Info

If you're wary about the home loan you are in now, and what the news is saying about your loan, call us today to find out the real scoop, and what you can do to stay in a great home loan. Carmel Mortgage serves Monterey County and all of California mortgages.

Do you wan to meet one of our loan officers? Click here to view them all online. It's true a lot of loan programs have been dropped by national lenders, but things are looking up, and once the market calms down, many of those loan programs will be reintroduced in time for many to refinance out of their adjustable mortgage. 831-625-3939

30 year FIXED w/ 10 year interest only option:

Ex. A $500,000 loan with an interest rate of 6.5% gives you an interest only payment of just $2708, or the principal + interest payment would be $3160. You can pay either one, it's your choice for 10 years! This loan NEVER goes into negative amortization.

You can pay down extra principal at any time, and if you do, your payment will be lower the following month. This is called “recasting your payment”.

A footnote,
if you pay interest only for the first 10 years, then the loan converts to a 20 year amortized loan after the interest only option expires.

Call now to learn more Carmel Office 831-625-3939 or Salinas Office 831-754-3939



As a mortgage broker, Carmel Mortgage has access to the bank's loan programs, and 150 other lender's programs and rates - wholesale rates!

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